About Us

Our team of expert editors spends more than 200 hours per week researching products, doing hands-on tests, interviewing industry experts, evaluating market research, reviewing consumer feedback, and writing up all of our findings into easy-to-understand reviews. We don’t choose products using an algorithm or software; they’re all hand-picked and researched by us.

Why You Should Trust Us?

Since our launch, we’ve reviewed a lot of things and never recommend anything we wouldn’t buy ourselves. Before determining on our best recommendations within a category, we do hours of research and preliminary product testing. Our editors spend days, if not weeks, researching and comparing multiple models, reading consumer feedback, examining competitor coverage, calling in items, and conducting hands-on testing within our team.

Our Team

Kyle Bracero, Chief Editor

Kyle Bracero is the Chief Editor for Blendgood and is an expert in what he does whose work has been featured in many publications. A (very) proud cat dad, he spends his time in Manhattan obsessing over NBA and NFL, as well as finding the perfect meme videos to save the day. He can order his drinks perfectly in Korean and Mexican. His determination and hard-working skills are unmatchable that motivate every staff at Blendgood.

Richard Sandifer, Associate Editor

Richard Sandifer is the associate editor of Blendgood, where he gathers unique product ideas, tests out products, and puts too many items on his list for research — his work can also be found on many portals. When he isn’t writing, you can most likely find him tending to his 50+ plants or playing Call of Duty. His aspiration to give it all when it comes to work makes us believe that we got one of the best associate editor.